Law Enforcement


Soldiers must be prepared to use different levels of force in an environment where conflict may change from low intensity to high intensity over a matter of hours. Many military operations, such as peacekeeping missions or noncombatant evacuation, may restrict the use of deadly weapons. Hand-to-hand combative s training will save lives when an unexpected confrontation occurs.

More importantly, combative s training helps to instill courage and self-confidence. With competence comes the understanding of controlled aggression and the ability to remain focused while under duress. Training in combative includes hard and arduous physical training that is, at the same time, mentally demanding and carries over to other military pursuits. The overall effect of combative s training is—

  •  The culmination of a successful physical fitness program, enhancing individual and unit strength, flexibility, balance, and cardio-respiratory fitness.
  • Building personal courage, self confidence, self-discipline, and esprit de corps.